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Roy Algin McLendon Jr. was born in the town of Bridgeton, a city in the framing area of southern New Jersey on October 7, 1955.  When he was born, his parents Roy McLendon Sr. and Annie B. McLendon were migrant workers that had traveled to the northern states for seasonal work.


Shortly after his birth, Roy Jr and his family returned to Gifford, a small black community on the east coast of Florida, where his father began his artistic quest that was inspired by his neighbor Harold Newton, Florida Highwaymen.


Landscape and seascape permeated his childhood along with the occasional still life or portrait. A natural artist from drawing in the sand to paint and brush at the age of eight (8) in 1963 is when he truly began. In his teenage years Roy began to paint alongside and sell his paintings with his father, Roy McLendon Sr, who is also inducted into the Florida’s Hall of Fame. By the early 70’s, Roy Jr’s paintings were selling with other Highwaymen artists. Al Black, who was the salesman during that time, sold some of Roy Jr’s paintings. Roy Jr was the only son of an artist painting during that time.


As a little boy growing up in the south, a flower, a citrus picker, wildlife, birds, a deer and other small animals, a wooden house on blocks, kids playing and clothes hanging on the clothesline give fondest memories of days gone by but stand very vivid in his mind. Roy Jr. recreates the elegance of the old Florida landscapes with a fusion of childhood memories: home-places, backcountry sunsets, inlets, Royal Poinciana trees, and moonlight river scenes on canvas and Masonite board.


Roy’s material of trade at his start was that of mostly Upson board and crown molding for framing. His median of choice is Oils. He is known for his renditions of southern subjects and Caribbean scenes, lush landscapes around the Indian River and the moonlit rivers and lakes.  People fishing and mending nets were once common scenes in the Treasure Coast, South Florida area, which is often incorporated in his landscape scenes. From the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, incites a desire in him to paint so that people not just see what he creates, but feel his creation. His goal was to make what was not accepted as fine art, which is Highwaymen Art, to become recognized as fine art, and he has accomplished it through the professionalism and dedicated artistry of his work. His landscapes have that familiar flash of emotions, that awesome spirit of peace.  Roy signs his artworks…………….  R. A. McLendon Jr.


Roy Jr. has his doctorate in theology. He pastored a church in Vero Beach, FL. for 17 years. He and his wife Carla have been married for 33 years now and they have six beautiful children. Mr. McLendon plays the keyboard, writes music, and is compelled to paint Florida landscapes. He and his family does outreach ministry at one of our local nursing homes every Sunday, except when he is working.

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