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Behind the Artist

R. A. McLendon Jr.

Roy McLendon Jr. captures the essence of the Indian River with vibrant landscapes. Once-familiar sights of locals fishing and repairing nets adorn his Treasure Coast, South Florida paintings. His work resonates with emotional depth and an invigorating sense of tranquility. Signed with his initials, R. A. McLendon Jr., each piece tells a story. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Roy Jr. holds a doctorate in Theology and has provided spiritual leadership to a Vero Beach congregation for over two decades. Together with his wife Carla and their six wonderful children, they extend their care through programs at a nearby assisted living community. Roy's creative talents also flow through music, as he skillfully plays the keyboard and composes. The McLendon family continues to inspire and connect with their community through art and service.


~Exploring~ the Canvas~



The Signature

Circa 1972

Displayed on the left is one of Roy Jr’s old paintings discovered at the Anderson Consignment in Vero Beach, FL. It was painting in the 70's on Upson board and is uniquely signed “McLendon R.J.”. The painting depicts his home in Gifford, not far from the city of Vero Beach on the Indian River. The house was built by Bahamians and had a caribbean motif. A drainage ditch is a little beyond the front yard, a common scene in Gifford during that period. Like streets, the drainage ran through Gifford in order to capture wetlands of West Vero. The painting’s original frame was made out of crown molding and has since been replaced. Few painters would think that drainage ditches were aesthetically pleasing; however, Roy was painting/recording what he saw.

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